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Futuring International Ltd.
Otto-Brenner-Strasse 4
D-54294 Trier 

FON: +49 (0) 651 82499-18
FAX: +49 (0) 651 82499-30

Mail: infog7HoP4XgM3SfG8XvG5YzA8LpM4sXfuturing-ltd.com

web:  www.futuring-ltd.com


Futuring International LTD.

Conception, development and production of cosmetic and medical products for the international market


Production & Logistics
Dieter Laros
Sales management:
Ingo Schantz
Product design:
Marco Nottar
Lubricants, massage oils, stimulation products, care cosmetics...
Own brands:
GetMaxxx, DL luxus massage and DL Medical, DrLove, MedGlide...
We produce your own brand for you and are happy to support you with our know-how.
Target markets:
Erotic shops, pharmacies, drug stores and supermarkets.

Futuring International Ltd.
30 years ago Dieter Laros developed and produced his first cosmetic products. Highly effective sun cosmetics and skin care products for tanning studios, fitness studios and beauty salons. Shortly after this the first lubricants on silicone and water basis were developed for the erotic market. Numerous product variations were developed over the years which even today count among the leaders in product quality for the lubricant market. Whilst Dieter Laros was mainly responsible for development, production and distribution, Marco Nottar designed the respective packaging design and market appearance. 
In 2005 they then began to experiment with their own lines for the erotic and non-erotic market. The experience of over 20 years, the high quality formulations and the design were very well received by the trade and customers alike. Almost every market can be ideally served with the broad-based product portfolio.




We develop our high quality DL products in our own and in reputable laboratories throughout the world




We manufacture our high quality products with quality certificates in accordance with very strict guidelines. 
Made in Germany



Innovative world brands and DL by D`Laros have been born at DL with formulations developed by Dieter Laros. Holistic and individual development of trend innovations.