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silkening Lubricant for Woman & Man

Dr.Love silkening Lubricant for Woman & Man - They permit sensuously soft sliding and ensure a pleasantly sensuous entry of the penis into the vagina. Particularly suitable for vaginal dryness. The special formulation makes our silicone lubes particularly suitable for painless anal intercourse. Lust and joy in pleasuring each other with toys while making love increase (Toysafe). Also suitable for erotic massages. The gentle and unique, effective application will enable you to enjoy every second of sex in full. This loving preparation for orgasm is unique and extends it by a multiple. Among others, messenger substances (happiness hormones) are emitted by gentle stroking and massaging. Dr.Love silkening Lubricant covers the skin like a protective film without beiing absorbed. This therefore positively influences health. Free of perfume & preservatives.  

· Latex-safe
· Mucosa-friendly
· Dermatologically confirmed
· Does not cause allergies
· Suitable for sensitive skin
· Vegan
· No animal experiments

· Free of preservatives
· Free of oil, grease, water
· Free of perfume
· No taste or smell
· No sticking and smearing
· Breathable
· Skin-smoothing with silk effect
· Skin protection and care
· Very efficient
· a few drops are enough

Ingredients (INCI): 
Dimethicone, Dimethiconol
Art-Nr. Inh. / Content
80011 50 ml / 1,7 fl.oz
80010 100 ml / 3,4 fl.oz
80012 200 ml / 6,8 fl.oz
80017 1000 ml / 34 fl.oz